Christmas Traditions

Well I am alive here! lol! I have been working like crazy on Christmas gifts and fighting a wee bit of depression. With all of that, I really have had no time to pop by and say hi to all of you! I hope you are still there! So instead of trying to “catch up” on missed blog posts, I am just going to share what has been going on here! Today we finally got our tree up! The girls were so excited…..I mean REALLY excited! You see we don’t just put up the standard tree with matching ornamnets. Over the years, we have ornaments that have been collected and many of them tell a story and all of them have a memory! My grandma always bought us a new one each year, and my mom kept the tradtion going after she died. My girls and I have also made and bought ornaments each year together. This means that putting up the tree is quite a production.  Each ornament that is pulled out is met with squeals of delight like finding a long lost friend! I love picking out the ones I have been putting out each Christmas for 20 years or more! There is something so special about those moments of predicted seasonal fun! Don’t you think? Here are some pictures of the fun today!

DSCN8495 DSCN8497





DSCN8534Pup’s First Ornamnet

DSCN8535This is one Bunny made for the dog last year!

DSCN8537This is just one of my favs I bought when the girls were little. It is all soft and fun!

DSCN8540This little mouse writing with lipstick is one my grandma bought me! It has always been a favorite!

DSCN8542This is an ornament my grandma bought me before my wedding. It was one of the last ones she got me.

DSCN8549I loved horses so much as a kid. So my grandma got me this one!

DSCN8551This one is new this year! Each year my mom and sisters and I buy an ornament on our annual shopping trip! This was this years!

DSCN8553This one is also from this year! My sis and I each got one! Bunny and Pup think it is them though!

DSCN8555Another shopping trip one!

DSCN8559My mom has taken to making ornaments each year! This is last years!

DSCN8561This is one of my very first ornaments.

DSCN8564This one is Pup and our dog. Seriously I think it is more her dog then anyone elses!

DSCN8568This is Bunny with her favorite elephant!

So there you have it! Some of our favorite holiday memories and fun! So now it is your turn! What is your favorite Christmas tradition that you share with your family?