Continent Box Discovery!

I have found the best thing for Continent boxes that I have found…well ever! I was out shopping at Hobby Lobby on Saturday and I found a Safari Ltd, toob that has buildings from all over the word! That’s right, mini Eiffel Tower, mini Big Ben, mini Statue of Liberty!!!!!! It is great! Here is what was in it:

Aren’t they perfect?
It includes:
~ Taj Mahal
~ Pyramids of Giza
~Empire State Building
~ Statue of Liberty
~ Parthenon
~ Eiffel Tower
~ Arch of Triumph
~ Big Ben
~ Leaning Tower of Pisa

Plus a card that tell about each of them!
Like I said this is a great find! Its perfect for continent boxes! The olny thing I wish it had was the Sidney Opera House (our Australia box is sad) and the Christo Redemptor in South American ( that box needs help too). Otherwise it is perfect, especially for the price! I could not have gotten that many souvenirs for the same price! So…enough going on and on! If you want them for your boxes, they are available on Amazon!