Continent Boxes~ Europe!

I have been meaning to post more about our different Continent Boxes, but I keep forgetting to take pictures! 🙂 Oh well, better late then never! I have made all the cards by using google images. It was very time consuming, but a little more budget friendly! In an ideal world they would be 3- part cards that have words on all of them, but right now they are just pictures since I couldn’t afford to print 2 set of everything (I spent $120 as it was). I think that the boxes look pretty good, but I do view them all as an on going project. I figure that we can add to them as we go.

This is what I have in the Europe Box:
~ Pictures of People
~Pictures of Food 
~ Pictures of Places
~ Pictures of Birds
~Pictures of Animals
~Pictures of Instruments
~ English Money
~ Old Spanish Money (Before the Euro)
~Old Italian Money (Before the Euro)
~Post cards of some European Art Bunny liked in our museum
~ Some little wooden cooking tool my grandpa got me when her was traveling in Europe
~ A Crucifix bought in the Vatican

This seems like alot of stuff, but I would love to get more! Europe is such a vast and varied culture that I feel I didn’t do it justice! If you have any ideas of what else to include, let me know! 🙂 Until then, Happy Schooling! 
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