Continent Boxes Swap!!!!

I just found out that About a Girl is trying to organize a continent box swap. This is another amazing Montessori idea that allows children to come in contact with the different cultures of a continent is a very hands on way. There is usually one box (bag, folder, etc) for each continent that has animal figures, souvenirs, flags, instruments, etc. inside for the kids to explore. Many others ( like mine) also have cards (mostly 3-part) that depict animals, people, places, landmarks, birds, plants, instruments, food, etc. from that continent. Bunny loves our boxes and I am always on the look out for more things to put them so that the experience is better. It is a really amazing way to present the wide cultures for the world to our kids. So if you are interested in starting your own boxes then leave a comment for About a Girl here:
Also visit Counting Coconuts if you would like to see here continent bags! They are amazing and offer a great idea of what these are all about!