Designing Her Own Clothes!

Well Bunny has surprisingly chosen a new project that she is really excited about! She has decided that she wants to design clothes. I have to admit, this is a totally unexpected idea of hers and I am rather shocked at what she has done so far. She has drawn about 10 different clothes designs, and decided that she wanted to make herself an outfit. We have gotten books from the library, written a goal sheet, and looked at how to make a design board. We even went to the store and she picked out material to make herself a skirt and a shirt! She has big plans and it is going to take a ton of work for her. I really hope that it works out and She can make things happen the way she thinks it will. Either way it will be a huge learning experience! Here are some picture of the work she has done so far!





So far doing project based work has provided a ton of big ideas and lots of learning from the girls and I know that Bunny will find a way to make this for real! When she is designing her outfits she is thinking alot about what would be comfortable and easy to wear. When she went to the fabric store, she knew exactly what she was looking for and picked out the materials, the buttons, and some decorative elements. She is certain and knows what her vision of this outfit is! I cant wait to see what she learns and how she makes it happen! The thinking, the math, the measuring, the creativity, the research, and the planning are all things that are really going to allow her to learn so much! Plus she is loving all of this! When learning is fun, who can go wrong? Happy {fun} Schooling!