Eating Snow


Everyone loves to eat snow right? Its something we all did as kids and less as we got older (once you realize how much dirt is in it). However, I came across the best way to eat it while I was on Pintrest last year! I wanted to do it then, but we didn’t have enough snow. This year, it is not the issue! Snow Ice Cream is amazing. Yes I just said amazing. When I saw this I thought that the girls would have fun with it, but that it would be a one time thing. Wrong. This is easy and yummy. So how do you make snow Ice Cream? Glad you asked! Here is what we did. I modified the recipe because I just threw it in as I went! 🙂

Snow Ice Cream
5-6 cup of fresh snow (make sure its clean and fresh)
1 1/2- 2 cups of half and half (I mixed whipping cream and milk)
1/3 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla (I just added a splash)

Pour everything into the bowl and mix it up! If the milk freezes and just gets clumpy, add a bit more milk and you will be fine. We served ours with sprinkles and chocolate syrup. We made this twice yesterday and I am sure we will make more today (if we don’t run out of milk)!

IMG_0376 IMG_0382 IMG_0370 IMG_0383

I Hope you are enjoying all the snow and winter fun! With the wind chill here at below -30 for the day, we will be hanging out inside warm and cozy! Happy Snow Day!