Egg Observations

So today we began talking about the bird’s life cycle. After a quick overview of the life cycle we talked about the first stage, the egg. I repeated our egg observation so that Bug had a chance to see the parts of an egg up close! It was fun to see them looking and feeling the egg and really listening to me tell them what the different names are. I was really glad to hear Bug tell my hubbie “look! Here is the hooky stuff that holds it (the yolk) to the shell”! Not exactly what the technical name is, but she got the idea! 🙂


Its smooth.

Its cold!

Its Sticky!

Looking at the inner membrane.

Another great accomplishment today, was that Bunny actually repeated our golden bead decimal layout! We did this last week, and then she really didn’t want to do it again. Today I got the material out and asked her if she would like to do it again, and she did! Yeah! It takes alot for Bunny to want to do something challenging over again! So I was very proud of her work, and this time I was able to take some pictures after she was done since I didn’t have to present it. She did a great job, and I think that she has mastered this part of the work! So now I have to hit the books to get the next step ready! 🙂

The finished layout! The goal is to start counting 1 unit, 2 unit, 3 units, etc to 9. Then ask the child what comes after 9 units (answer: 10 units) Right 10 units is a 10 bar. Then you start counting 1 ten, 2 ten, 3 ten, etc. The explain how 10 tens is 100 square. You continue this all the way up to 1000. Then you count the number cards the same way!

Bunny made an observation the first time she did this. She said” hey, there are 10 of these (units) in 1 of these, and 10 of these in 1 of these, and 10 of these in one of these!” This was a real light bulb moment! It was SO cool to watch! This time she just breezed right through it. She even picked out the next higher bead material each time we hit nine! She didn’t even have to think about it!
Here is the numbers laid out. The first time we laid this out together she stopped me and was looking carefully and then she told me ” Mom, look, these have no zeros, these have one, these have two, and these have three.” I was so excited to see her make that connection! I think that if I do my presentations right, she will do super well! Its all about the prep!
Anyone have an “aha!” moment this week?