"Egg"xta Special Eggs

Today we celebrated the Lord’s passion with a trip to church for the service. Afterwards we went to my moms for a little bit of Easter fun! It is a tradition in our family to eat fried bread together for dinner and to dye eggs on Good Friday. (Fried bread for those of you who are wondering , is pieces of bread dough, fried in oil and topped with a homemade tomato sauce. It is YUMMY!). My sister thought it would be fun to make a little egg party for all the kids! So after some creative scrambling, I found enough little decorative bits to make it all fun! It was pretty, and lets face it, with eggs and bowls of color, what’s not to love! They turned out pretty as always and the kids LOVED it!

Tomorrow the kids have an egg hunt at church and they are so excited! I hope you all are having a really blessed and happy {almost} Easter! I have prayed for all of you today that the Love the God will fill you all with joy!