Farm Additions!

My darling sister was finally able to finish some of the farm animal cut outs that I wanted to use for Bunny’s Golden Bead Addition! She work so hard to get all of these put together! Thank you SO MUCH! I took each little animal and glued it on the back of a large index card, and then I wrote a static (no carrying), 4 digit addition problem on the back. Then I put them in a basket for Bunny to use when she wants to. (I do have a few set aside that I put subtraction problems on. I will present this to her soon).

I showed them to her today and she was SO excited! The animals are SO cute and they are just for her! She wanted to work right away! So I helped her get the work out and she started to put the numbers together. I had to go upstairs and do a few things and when I came back, she had made the numbers and was starting the bead work! I was so proud! Then she did another one, all by herself! She really get this work and I definitely need to get some subtraction work out next! 

Stop by tomorrow! We are making a water kitchen outside!!!!! Should be a ton of fun!

What fun things are you doing in the summer weather?