Farm Field Trip!

Well today was the day to visit the farm! Bunny was very excited last night and she didn’t sleep well! We left first thing this morning! Pants on, shoes ready for mud, and the girls bursting! It has that very delightfully tacky look of a small tourist-y type place! There were pens of animals everywhere, hand painted signs with animal names on them, and all the mud and whatnot you expect to find on a farm! Right when we got out of the car there was a few turkeys that were waiting for us! This of course freaked Pup out and she wouldn’t set foot on the ground! 🙂 So out came the stroller and we headed out to see the goats. The nice thing about this farm is that they gave us as much bread as we wanted to feed the animals with! So we could feed them, and feed them, and feed them. May not be the best for the animals, but fun for us! 🙂 Then we saw the pig (she weighed 1100 lbs and was HUGE), we saw the horses, the ponies, the sheep, and the Llamas! They had all sorts of ducks, and geese, and turkeys, and pheasants, and peacocks! Yes…Peacocks! They have 11 of them. Our zoo doesnt even have one! Then the girls got to hold a Bunny! These were the calmest sweetest Bunnies ever! Pup LOVED them! She held it for a long time! Then we headed over to see the baby goats! They were so tiny and cute! They got her out of the pen and then let us pet her. She was so unhappy about being away from mama, and her mama was bleating for her too! It was too cute! The girls loved her. Next we went to see the cows! They had miniature cows that were about half size. Pup really thought they were fun to feed! Then they got a Jersey cow out for us to milk! That’s right….they got to milk the cow for real! Bunny milked her exactly one time! I did it a few time, but Pup refused! It was fun! Then we fed the cows, to thank then for being so nice! Finally, the girls got to take a ride on the little barrel train! This was Bunny’s favorite part! All in all it was a lot of fun! Very laid back, but good information. I loved that it was very personal and easy! We may do it again sometime! Here are the great pics of our trip:

Here is the Turkey that greeted us!

Here is the goats!

Here is Ms. Piggy Sue! She was just SO big!

We fed her corn.

Jasper the Donkey.

The horses that wanted bread so badly I thought that they were going push the fence over!

More goats in with the horses.

Here is a sheep that we saw from a distance!

Here is an alpaca. I forgot his name!

Pup saw this and said “look a cock-a-doodle-do!”

Here is Pup holding her Bunny! She LOVES it so much!

Bunny liked it too!

Here is Anabella the baby goat. She was trying to jump the fence to get back to her mama!

Isn’t she cute!!!!

Here is Anabella with her mama!

Here is the other Baby goat named Sprinkles!

Bunny holding a Chicken!

Bunny then plopped it in Pup’s lap. She didn’t like it much!

Here is a peacock that opened up his feathers! I was excited! Bunny liked it too!

Here are the miniature cows.

Here we are leaning about how to milk a cow.

Bunny is not so sure….

But she did it!

Thanks Ms. Cow!

“You knocked the wheelbarrow over!”

Here is the Reindeer they have!

Pup liked it, and she like her!

These are some Farrow deer.

Here are the ducks

This is a goose!

Here is the duckling that we held!

Barn cat

Barrel Train

So much fun!
We had a ton of fun and it was a great way to end our Farm theme! The next theme that I am working on is…no surprise…a zoo theme! Bunny’s pick! I have to get thinking!