Friday Five~ Practical Life Edition!

This week’s Friday Five is all about Practical Life work! So what are my five favorite practical life work? Hmmm…..what a tough question! I love so many of them. But I must narrow them down, so here are  my five picks of the week!

1) Scrubbing: I love scrubbing work, kids love scribbling work, and what’s not to love? There is water, there is soap, and there is something to make look better then when you started! I think that if I could pick one work that every kids loves, its this one. Plus there is so many really practical applications in real life. Learning to scrub all the dirt off something small is great prep for washing dishes, cleaning walls, and even brushing teeth!

2) Pouring: This work is a great work that works well for older kids as well as really little ones! It is a great way to learn how to be independent and to play at the same time! Plus there are a million ways to do this, rice, beans, water, funnels, cups….anything!

3) Baking: This is an all in one lesson that really makes kids feel grown up! There is pouring, mixing, cleaning, measuring, and a ton of other skills that a kid can practice while spending time with you that makes their day special! Plus they are learning how to make a real contribution to the family, not just playing!

4) Hand Washing: This was one that I was torn on at first. Why get a bowl out and a bar of soap when I have a sink and a hand soap in the bathroom? Well, we set up the work in our atrium and it was amazing! There was just so much more focus and attention to detail when using the bar of soap and the bowl. It was amazing to see how after a good washing, the kids would go back to work with a focus! Its worth a try. Even if we don’t have it out all the time, they do love it! Plus, it teaches great hygiene!

5) Hand washing: We have done this one a lot with small hankies outside and it is always a hit! Scrub in soap, rinse in water, and hang on the line! It is a perfect warm weather fun and great work too!

So those are my picks!  Even if they are day late! Aren’t some of those old pictures fun! My girls were just so little! Do you have five favs too? Then be sure to stop over to Montessori Moments to link up! I am linking there and it is really fun to get some great ideas for each of these areas! I hope you play with us or at least click around to find some new fun ideas! Happy Schooling!