Fun with Friends!

Today we got to hang out with our friends and the kids had an amazing time just playing! It was so nice to sit and chat with my friend while the kids ran and played all over the yard! They were so creative in their play, and it was so sweet to see Bunny and her friend starting to act like older kids. I overheard them talking about being friends. Her friend asked her “Do you think we can be friends for long time?”, Bunny answered “Probly forever!” SO CUTE! I love that I get to watch them grow into older girls together! 🙂

They also spent hours playing house in the playhouse, and building all sorts of creations out of sand and natural objects! Here are some pictures of them having the time of their lives! 🙂

This is a flag!

Bunny made a raft
(there is sticks in a row with a small pile of stones hidden under the leaves)

I got this surprise cake from Bunny

Her friend made this one for her mom

They had so much great summer fun!
What great summer play have your kiddos been up to?