Get Moving!

I have to share a work that I made that has been a super success here the last few days! I have been meaning to post about it for a while, but the pics were hard to get! 🙂 I decided that I really need to loose some weight and while dieting is good, moving is better! Last year I took the girls on walks in our sit stand stroller and that gave me a great workout. But this year Bunny is too big and Pup wants to walk on her own so she can stop look at stuff. So….back to the drawing board! I thought that I could make a game out of it! Here is what I did, I wrote a bunch of action words on slips of paper and put them in a basket with two large dice I got at the dollar store. The game is that the girl toss the two dice, add up the number, and pick an action card. Then we all do the action on the card the number they rolled. For example if they rolled a 6 and a 3, and pulled Jumping Jacks, then we would do 9 jumping jacks. The game must be played with at least 5 cards, but they usually do more! So far I have gotten a little sweaty, so it must be working a little! If not it is a ton of fun with the girls! Here are the pics I took of Bunny in action! Pup does it too usually, but not today of course!

Roll the dice!

Counting the numbers (we don’t do this every time)

Picking a card

Trying to read it

Jumping Jacks!

Mountain climbing

Sit ups!
On a side note, we were doing this today, and Bunny read the word “hop” without me asking her to! I was SO proud! She was excited too! So this is a good reading activity, adding activity, and exercise!