Golden Bead Material and Moveable Alphabet

So I have been having all kinds of fun experimenting with Bunny and the famous Montessori Golden Bead Material. She has learned all her numbers up to 20 and I started presenting her with the names of the different units a few weeks ago. She loved to know all about them and wanted more presentations right away. Unfortunately, I didn’t know where to go next! Thankfully the amazing teachers at my local Montessori school showed me what to do (see yesterday’s post all about my observation). So I started right away, and Bunny has just taken off! 🙂

 Matching numeral cards with Bead material
She did it all perfectly!

Here is a picture of Bunny finding 8000

She loved this work! I was so surprised that she understood everything. She totally “got” the values of the material and I think that I am going to have to educate myself fast so that I can keep up! I think we may be entering a sensitive phase for math! However she still doesn’t want to add anything together! Go figure!

We also worked with the moveable alphabet. I really had a ton more luck with using only a few letters and and a list of five words. She still not super excited about it, but she is doing the work without getting upset. I was so excited today when she told me in the car is saw an n and o and they said “n” and “o”! I think that she is starting to get into it and I know that it is sinking! Here is some of the work we have done in the past few days!

We read “Hop on Pop” and then we made “at” words.
Bunny has also done some other “a” words (I didn’t have a camera on me then)