Greenhouse Day!

Today we went out to the greenhouse my brother in law works at with some friends. He gave us the grand tour and showed us how they grow plants, when they grow them, when they start them. It was SO interesting! They have some amazing machines that transplant the plants into different sized containers (alright I thought they were amazing, but he assured me that they are old technology). They also have about 10 acres of greenhouse, so there was alot to see. They grow all of their own plants (except the the tropical ones) and they have tons of all the pretty flowers! It was so cool to see row upon row of color! He was so great at explaining things. You could tell that this was his passion, and I love to see people talking about the things that are really important to them.  I think that Bunny liked it, but she was a little distracted by the infected bug bite on her leg that started itching! Poor baby. Here are the pictures that I took on the tour!

One of the Greenhouses.

Here we go!

Baby Impatiens

Big impatiens

They have a cool irrigation system that allows the plants to get water without loosing so much fertilizer.
It also saves time, since no one has to hand water these.

Here are some carts ready to ship out to stores.

The girls were dancing in the flowers! 🙂

 Here is another irrigation system.

Here is Bunny’s friend looking at the hanging fern baskets.

We thought it looked like a Jungle! 🙂

These were some more greenhouses. They had outdoor growing area.

This is the transplant machine. Here the trays are being filled with soil.
They get their soil from Canada, it is a peet moss based soil. All easily renewable!

Here he is showing them some mum cuttings.

After we saw everything, we of course had to buy a few flowers! Unfortunately it started to pour rain as we got home, we still haven’t planted them.

I asked Bunny to draw a picture about our day, here is what she did! She drew everyone who came, and we had to tape to pieces of paper together to put everyone on! 🙂

Here is her “report”.

On a quick side note, Blogger is having issues right now, and I cant comment on my blog posts or leave comments on some other people’s blogs. So please leave me comments, I can read them, but it may take me some time to reply! 🙂 Happy Schooling!