Handwashing Fun!

Today I had a sore throat and didn’t feel very good, so the kids headed out to the backyard to play while I sat in the sun and rested! 🙂 They were playing with a towel out on the play set and that gave me an idea. I got out some buckets, some soap, some vintage hankies (they were my grandmas), some clothes pins….I’m sure that you know where I am going with this! I set up a temporary clothes line and showed the girls how to wash the hankies in the soapy water, then to rinse them in the regular water, then wring them out, and clip then on the line. Not only was this amazing summer fun(the girls were wetter then the hankies), but it offered so many great practical life works rolled into one! There was washing, ringing, clipping, and folding! Not to mention the grace and courtesy that needed to be practiced! 😉 Bunny loved it so much that she wanted to wash her real clothes! In her words “just in case someday our washer breaks and we need to wash our clothes for real”! Here are the pictures of them working!

They were hard at work before I could even get the camera!

The clothes line was tied to fence then to the chair. I put the clothes pins in a basket.

Pup was able to use the clothes pins all by herself! It was pretty surprised!

After the success of this I think I may try to work on more outdoor, multi purpose practical life stuff! We could make bubbles and practice whisking, pouring, and measuring! We can have a picnic and work on grace and courtesy, table setting, table scrubbing, keeping nature clean. I’m sure that there are more ideas floating around! If you have some, send them my way!
How have you turned your schooling to summer fun?