Happy 4th of July!

I want to wish all of you a very happy fourth of July!!!! This is such a great country! We are blessed with so many gifts and freedoms, I know that sometimes I take that for granted! We are able to live the way we want, work where we want, teach the way we want, eat what we want, own what we want, worship the way we want, and so many other things that we want to do. We aren’t starving in a war torn land, we aren’t walking miles for water, we don’t have to survive many of the things that so many others in this world have to, and I am grateful! So let’s celebrate this amazing country and the people who live, fight, and work to make thing possible! Here is what our celebrations looked like this year!

We had a party at my mom’s house on Sunday! It was fun, food, and fireworks!
Pup eating her hotdog. This is how she eats them! I have showed her the right way a bunch of time, but she likes to eat them this way! I do think its cute! 😉
Bunny with her sparkler! She loved it!

Pup doing a Sparkler! She wasn’t real sure about them! 😉

Today we had our friends over to play and have some dinner! We had alot of fun!

Slip n’ Slide!

Dinner time!
Our school table changed roles and the kids loved eating at it!

Snap n’ Pops! This was a bunch of fun (and a few fights)!

So that was our fun this year! I hope you all were able to relax and have some holiday fun! God Bless our country!!!!