Happy Fourth of July!!!!

Happy Independence Day everyone! Today is the day to celebrate our amazing country and all the amazing blessings we are able have because of it! Even when things seem bad, there are always so many amazing things to be thankful for! Some of the blessings that I think about alot are the gift to worship God, to have family and friends that we can be with, to be able to educate our children as we see fit, and the blessing of being able to work to provide for our families. Sure there are so many problems, but really being able to walk the streets without the fear of bombs or shootings, to be able to work and find work where we want, to be able to speak what we want how we want, to be able to live with our families is such a blessing and it a good thing to remember! We spent our day together all day! This afternoon we headed over to some friends house to play and swim, and eat! It was so wonderful (and hot :)! It is always a great to have time with friends! The kids had a blast and so did we!

Poppers and Snap n’ Pops!

And Pool Time!

Pup was swimming under water! She held her nose and swam with her face in the water!

Bunny also got brave enough to put her face in the water!

Then we had some very traditional smoke bombs! I really dont understand the deal with these, but they are everywhere! The kids thought that the smoke made it look like a train! 😉

I hope that you all have had a wonderful holiday full of good food, good friends, and GREAT blessings! Happy Summer!