Hello 2011!!!!

Here it goes….I have a blog that is now dedicated to the work I do with my family. So I am ready to kick off 2011 right. Yes, I have some resolutions and maybe by writing them down in a place that I cant loose them (my usual excuse) then maybe I will accomplish something. There is the usual I want to loose 20lbs thing, I want to use nicer language, use punctuations in my facebook status, etc. but I think that those aren’t resolutions so much as life long battles. No what I plan on resolving to do is keep peace alive in my family. I know that sounds….well impossible, but I am thinking more about the deep peace that speaks of happiness. The peace that says ‘even if things are crazy everywhere’, at home we can feel secure in love and in God’s grace. This is something that God has shown me the importance of through Montessori, and has pushed me to work on during this past advent season. So for 2011 I hope that I can hang on to that peace and love so that home really is a place where my family (and anyone who visits) wants to be! Happy New Year and here’s to a new blog!