I’m still here…..

I am still here! 🙂 Things have been quite here as we all unwind from our holiday fun, and regroup for the new year! I have been thinking deeply about what I want to strive for, what I want to change, and how we want to be as a family! I also am thinking alot about what we are going to do this next month coming up! One of the blog posts that have gotten me thinking is this one. There are a ton of great thoughts here from Elizabeth, and as always they have me thinking! 🙂 I will put all of these together in a post soon! Tomorrow I will be making trays for January and also writing my New Years Eve post!
Another thing that has been taking up a lot of time is our playroom remodel! 🙂 I am still looking for some of the right elements to pull it together! Its bright, but I think it will be great when I get it done! 🙂 So that is what has been going on here! I will be back to regular blogging tomorrow!