Inspiring Reading!


Now that Bunny is (finally) reading on her own a bit, I have been thinking of ways to keep her interested. She is a little behind the average reading level for her age, but she is enjoying reading and will pick up a book on her own! I want to keep that going and keep her inspired, but how? Well these are a few things that I have observed have worked really well:

1) Keep Reading Out loud…..a lot! She LOVES to hear stories and I think that if I didn’t keep reading she would loose interest in trying to read herself. I think that hearing amazing stories that she cant read yet really inspires her to want to read bigger better things! I have been reading bigger chapter books to the girls before bed and they are loving it!

2) Let Her Pick Books! She loves to go to the library and choose a stack of her own books! I don’t limit how many she can get and she always seems to find the ones that appeal to her! They are not usually the ones I would pick (like Disney books) but she is happy to read them and her confidence build with each one!

3)Make your own Books! Bunny loves to make her own stories! In fact she loves it when I write the words for her and she can read them back later. She also reads them to her sister and has great pride in the library she is making all of her own books!

4) Offer an Incentive. The reading program that we are doing this summer is really really exciting her! She LOVES the reading challenges and the prizes! We are talking about small prizes and she love trying to get to them! Some kids may not enjoy this as much, but mine is super excited about it!

5) Have books….everywhere! We have books all over the house. Books for every school lesson, books when we are looking for new information about something! In fact I will turn to books before the internet with the girls and their questions. My hope is that they will always see books as a way for them to learn and find another world of amazing things!

So those are the things that we are doing right now to help inspire reading here! I personally LOVE to read and will read anything! My goal is to help my girls find joy in the pages of a book too! Do you have any tips that you use in your home? I would love to hear them!  Happy Reading Everyone!