Jesse Tree Tea Party

If you remember, we are doing a Jesse Tree this year for Advent. The girls have been loving it. Well we desided that we would host a tea party that highlights the different parts of the Jesse Tree using food! We started with creation and moved all the way through the bible to Jesus’ birth! The kids love all the foods and preparing allย of it is an amazing reflection on the season for the moms! My mom was so creative working out what the food should be! I wanted to share this with you in case you were looking for one last way to share the true meaning of the season with your kids! Here are the foods we used!

(Blue Jello with cool whip for water and sky)

DSCN8921Adam and Eve’s apple.
(apples and gummy worms)


Noah’s Ark
(Rainbows and Animals Crackers)


DSCN8925Abraham and his Descendants
(His descendants would number the stars. So we had star shaped pasta)

DSCN8927Issac and Jacob
(The the sticks repersent the sticks for the offering of Issac and also for Jacob’s Ladder)

DSCN8928Joseph and the Coat of Colors
(Bread with peanut butter and sprinkles)

(The Flaming Bush and the 10 commandments {Which are cookies})


DSCN8931Root of Jesse

DSCN8933Star of David
(these were filled with chicken salad)

DSCN8935Joanah and the whale
(Goldfish crackers)

DSCN8936The angle
(Chocolate cover pretzles or angle wings)

(York peppermint m&ms)

(Potato Straw for the Stable he found for Jesus to be born in)

DSCN8939Baby Jesus
(Lil’ Smokies with crescent rolls)

DSCN8942Before we ate, we read the stories from the bible and put the symbols on the jesse tree as we went. The everyone got to eat the food we made!ย  DSCN8946




This is such a great, fun, and pretty easy way to help kids understand the plan of God through out history! Christmas is after all about the birth of our savior. I hope that you all are having a fun, and blessed season of advent! Let me know if you do or have done anything like this before with your kids! I would LOVE to hear all about it!