Kiwi Crate~ A Montessori Style Craft Program!

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<p>I am so excited about being able to bring this reveiw to you today! I have joined the <a href=Kiwi Crate affiliate program becasue I really love this product! Kiwi Crate is a company that sends a month box of crafty fun right to the door! I will admit that at first I was rather unsure of it. I loved the idea, but the price was a littler higher then I like and I am often not a fan of the standard “crafty” projects. However, when they sent me a sample box I was AMAZED! I have showed it to a couple of friends and they thought the same thing! This box has EVERYTHING in it for not one, but two crafts! When I mean everything, I mean right down to the scissors, pencils, and glue! EVERYTHING! My girls were over the moon about the whole crate! They couldnt wait to start the crafts when I brought them out. But before I let anyone get working, I broke it all down and took pictures so all of you could see exactly what is inside one crate! Ready for a walk though? Here we go:

Yes the box really does look like a crate! How cute is that?

Here is what is inside when you open it. I love a picture of the project is right on the lid! The scissors are a welcome gift! It is so cool that everything is right there for you!

Under the pretty green tissue paper were the directions for the projects! What I think is most impressive is the very simple, and picture illustrated instructions! They are so Montessori since they can done by even non readers!

Each side of the box had one of the crafts!

Craft 1

Craft 2

Plus, if crafting wasnt enough, they also include education cards for the the kids to learn about the theme of the box! As you can see, this crate was all about bugs, and the bug cards were a lot of fun! How can you not like something that is fun and educational!
So as you can see the crate really is all inclusive and full of great stuff! Whne you really look at everything in the box, the price seemed really fair! Plus these are so Montessori is their essance! With all the materials in one place, the picture illustrated step by step instruction, and with the educational cards, these really are a Montessori style crate! They would make the perfect Christmas gift! I know that we never seem to need another toy, but a craft project each month? Yes Please! Do you want to see one of the crafts in action? Of course you do! Here is some of the fun Bunny and Pup had doing one of the crafts!