Ladybugs part two!!!

Ladybugs!!!!!! We have done some more things this week with Ladybugs, so I wanted to share some of our fun. We started talking more about the Lifecycle of the Ladybug and I found a cute cut-out craft here. There are also a whole bunch of other ideas as well. Bunny and Bug liked the project.

I also adapted a song that we had about the Life cycle of a Butterfly, so that it was about the Life cycle of a Ladybug. Bunny loved it and she really grasped the Life cycle!!!! As she put it “I am a Ladybug expert now”!
Then we all had a lovely surprise the other morning when Bunny found a Ladybug in my bedroom. I was still in bed and she brought it to me on a tissue. We thought it was dead, then it moved! Ahhhh! It must have been coming out of its winter hibernation. So Bunny ran down stairs and found the bug box to put it in! It was fun to have a really up close look at the parts of the Ladybug, and it was also fun to watch it move around like crazy in the box. I was able to point out to Bunny the way a Ladybug’s wings are under the elytra. It was pretty cool.

Finally I had Bunny draw a picture and tell me all about Ladybugs. Here is a picture of her “report”.  I am proud of all the things she learned about Ladybugs! It is so cute to hear her telling people facts about bugs when the opportunity comes up! 🙂