Making Dinner

The other day I decided that I really needed to work on practical life things with Bunny and Pup. They love to help in the kitchen, and so I let them make dinner! It turned out much better then I thought! They are really quite good at listening and helping when I get out of the way and let them work! It also goes much better when they each have their own work to do. We had meatloaf and rolls for dinner. Bunny did the meatloaf almost by herself (I told her what to put in and how much, but she did the rest) and Pup made the crescent rolls ( out of a can, but she “rolled” them herself!). It was a huge success! They both were very proud of their work and ate dinner without any problem (Pup must have eaten 3 rolls).

 Pouring SO carefully

 Adding milk

 Grinding carrots
(I know that using a grater would have been better “work” but baby carrots are too small)

 Mixing (she didn’t like this part)

 Making them mini meatloaves

 Pup “rolling” her rolls (it was more of a fold)

She did SO well!

So from now on I think that we are going to do alot more “work”. Montessori was right about work bringing peace and contentment to the child! Both girls were so kind and nice the rest of the evening. They really do enjoy it if you let them do it themselves. Bunny used to help me clean the house all the time, but then she lost interest and I let it go. But after the dinner they made, I realized that maybe she just masted the tasks I gave her and I never gave her something more! So tomorrow, (its clean the house day after school time) I will offer a variety of tasks that both girls can do to help out. I’ll let you know how our practical life work goes!