Manners~ part 1

Today we began talking about manners! This is a part of our theme this month~ Grace and Courtesy. Our main work today started with a book about table manners. After we read the book we took dishes to our school room and practiced setting the table two ways~ daily dinner, and formal dinner (salad fork, bread plate, etc.). Bunny loved this! Pup even set a place herself too. After the table was set, we sat down and practiced the right way to hold silverware and Bunny practiced how to use a knife.  After that I taped a yarn line on the floor for some walking the line practice. Walking the Line is a work that is done in Montessori schools to help the kids practice body control. They are encouraged to carry things while walking so that they learn to do things carefully. She carried a tray with dishes, and a tray with a bottle of water. This was good practice. After she did the line a few times, she decided to make a menu and set the table like a restaurant. Then we played restaurant for a while. Each time she brought me “food” she walked the line. She had a blast and learned so much! By the end of lesson she could carry a tray on  the line with confidence, serve plates carefully, and reset the table perfectly! I was proud of her work!

 Pup setting the table

Bunny Setting the table

Bunny pushing in her chair correctly

Pup walking the line

Bunny carrying water and dishes on the line

Practicing with the knife