March Sensory Bin

I wanted to post some more pictures of our sensory bin and tell you what I have in it. I know how much it helps me to know what other people are putting in their boxes, so I want to offer that to anyone else who is looking for ideas! 🙂 So here it is:

Our Sensory Bin has:
~ Beans (Black Eye Peas and Kidney)
~ Basket
~ Metal Spoon
~ Fake Grass
~Measuring Cups (1 cup, half cup, and a quarter cup)
~ Flower pot
~ Flour Scoop
Like I said this a simple sensory bin, but the girls really seem to love it when there is less stuff. The beans themselves are the big draw of this. I really am hoping that Bunny will experiment with the measuring cups (I dont have fraction skittles) and I hope that Pup will be interested enough to keep her busy while I do other lessons! 🙂
Tomorrow starts my first day babysitting! I really hope that it goes well! I think I’m ready!