Matisse Study!

Well, I finally figured out that, even though my camera is broken, my computer has a port that will accept SD cards! So, yeah for technology! I can get my last few pics off of the card! So back to blogging for a bit! 🙂

We started our study on Matisse. Bunny was really interested in his different works. I showed her a few different ones that I got from Adventures of Bear. She had some great 3 part card freebies that I used! After I gave her a small dose of Matisse, I gave a bunch of colored paper and told her to “paint with her scissors”. Bunny was very confused by that, and was even disappointed that we weren’t really going to dip the scissors in paint! But she did get into trying to cut some interesting shapes. I was proud of her results.

 Bunny’s Matisse Art

Pup’s Matisse Inspired hair piece

Pup was very interested in trying to use the scissors, so we had a lesson in how to cut. She really loved it! 🙂 Today she got the hang of the open close and even cut a strip of paper into squares! I guess we have to watch her hair! 🙂

We also have been out on a nature walk in the FREEZING cold! Bunny found a pinecone that she put on our nature tray and Pup walked the whole mile alone! They both had fun, even though I felt like my legs were frozen off!

So that is what is new here! I’ll post some more tomorrow. Pup and I have been working on some new color matching games that I will share! And I will be observing at our local Montessori school tomorrow morning! I am very excited and I hope to come away with some new ideas. I’ll post on what I find out! Happy schooling.