Metal Insets

This work is a true Montessori task that my kids have really taken to heart lately. I don’t know why, but Bunny and Pup have both been using the insets like crazy! Bunny is trying to use the blue shape to trace around (which is more challenging) and this is a new work for her. Pup is just trying to hold her pencil (or marker as it is more likely to be) and I am really impressed that she is almost able to follow the shape all the way around. She will get it soon!
I like this work because it is one of the easiest for the kids to pick up and they LOVE to do it! 🙂 Here are few pics of the girls at work.

Look at her concentration and her 3 finger grip! I love it! 🙂
She is doing a bunch of shapes.
I love that Bunny is using the blue parts and they can share the shape!
A quite moment! I had a moment to sit and observe for a little while! 🙂