Mobile Montessori

I seem to be a day behind in my posting, so I will try to get up to date. Yesterday I was watching my brothers and sisters in the morning, since morning is when I do school with Bunny and Pup, I thought I’d bring some work for her along. I brought Bob books, the golden bead exchange game, some sandpaper phonograms, the colored peg people, and the sensory bin. To be honest, I really was hoping that my brother (who is the same age as Bunny) would like the sensory bin, and that my 1 year old sister would like the peg people. What I was amazed at was that everyone wanted to play with everything! My brother (who is 7) read the Bob books, Bunny,my brother, and my other brother played the exchange game, and everyone played in the sensory bin! I love how no matter what age the kids are they are draw to Montessori material and ideas. Here are some pictures of the fun we did that day!

Bunny reading to my brother! She got through about 3 pages!

Exchange game. They both liked it.

Look at this concentration!!!!

Working together!

She matched them all! I was proud of her!

My brother loved the exchange game so much he played it for 45 minutes!!!!
 I wish I had brought all the material all the way up to a 1000.
He kept trying to “make” more hundreds square! So much work for him to do!

I let the little girls play in the water, they had so much fun!


Pup concentrated on pouring the water into a cup for a long time!
So much learning with so much fun! :)