Montessori Children

Well the last few days I have witnessed the most awesome signs of the Montessori in my kids! The other day Bunny asked me to clean the windows. Of course Pup wanted to help too and I was so sweet to see Bunny showing her how to clean them. I loved how they worked together! Then later on that day, the baskets of toys (which had gotten mixed) were all over! Bunny went and reorganized all of them without my saying anything! Oh MY GOSH!!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather! She wanted everything in order and tidy and I didn’t ask! The next thing that she did was today at lunch. We had eaten and I cleared her place without thinking. She looked at the table and asked “Hey where did my bowl go? I was going to clear that!” I brought it back of course! (I was reading Montessori’s chapter about independence at the time! lol ) She wanted to take responsibility for her own things! I have been so happy to see these small things that show she is growing. I think that she has always been like this, I just haven’t seen it! Thank God for all that reading I have been doing that is helping me see what my daughter is doing and I am hoping that this will help me see what she needs! I really love to see her making choices that are good and I love the fact that she has the freedom to do that!

The other thing that I have noticed in the last few days, is how much children are really attracted to the Montessori material! My friend’s kids were over this week and they really wanted to see everything in our classroom. They were so interested! Then my brother and sister were over today and they really had fun working today too! It was so sweet to see Bunny giving presentations to everyone who visited! She wanted to show them everything, and she was directing! So cute! I love how the learning can happen without them even knowing it while they have fun! Here are some of those pics!