Montessori for 1 Year Olds!

So here is a post that I have been meaning to post for a while now about Tadpole. Tadpole is the one year old that is Bug’s brother. They come over a few days a week are a part of our school. I have had a hard time finding good works for Tadpole to do since he is in that in between stage of life. He is crawling everywhere and wants to do everything, but he is still small. So in between getting him safely up the stairs, I have been trying to give him the sensory experiences that he wants. As awesome as the treasure baskets are, he is just not interested in stilling still! 🙂 He is such a boy! So I have the pictures of the basket that I put together for him, but I also have pictures of the water work I gave him, and of course some of him mastering the stairs! If anyone has any other ideas of some fun things that a younger kid can do , please let me know! 🙂 He doesn’t want to be left out! 🙂

He is working SO hard to master these!
Playing with the treasure basket for a few minutes.
His very own scrubbing work!
Our treasure basket:
~wooden egg and egg cup
~bean bag ball
~sounds bottles
~ canning ring
~wooden pull dog
~ rolling pin
~small play silk
~leather coin purse
~wooden teething ring with textured yarn
~wet felted ball