Montessori For More Then One

So today we had our friends over again and we did some fun learning. We began talking about spring and all the things that start to happen (new flowers, baby animals, going outside). Bug and Bunny both talked about going to the park and playing outside. This was a great way to head into our Friendship Flower lesson from the new NAMC homeschool program. This was a sample lesson that was offered as a freebie through Montessori for Everyone. We made our flower today and both girls were very interested in talking about the the ways they see each of their parts of their flower! This lesson plan is awesome, it goes in depth and really does touch so many areas of the classroom.

Bunny’s Flower (we still need the pics)

All of the kids also worked on various things in our classroom. Here are a few pics that I took of their work. At one point it was great to see all three girls working quietly and concentrating so well! 🙂

Learning Continents for the first time! She was so proud when she put a piece on the control chart.

Everyone working!

I told you she would start to figure out Pink Tower.


More water transferring

Pup is back doing cylinder blocks!

I did do better keeping Little Tadpole occupied today. He is working so hard at moving…..any moving!!!!! He climbed the stairs (I was right behind him) looked out windows, tried to stand on his own, and crawled all over just for fun! I forgot to take pics and I will do better next time I see him. I will also take pictures of our treasure baskets.