Montessori Guild Books for Sale

Well everyone I am thinking alot about next fall and where our classroom is going. I am researching albums and trying to figure out how I am going to do it! With all my thinking, I have been digging around in my Montessori stuff and I found the New Child Montessori program that I bought in the beginning of our Montessori journey. I really don’t need this set of guilds anymore, so I am putting them up for sale! These are really nice guild that are arranged seasonally and they really have a ton ideas for teaching all year long! What I really did like about these guild is that they are based on the Great Lessons, so they follow a pattern. They are also meant to be used cylindrically year after year. This means that what you don’t get one year, you can easily cover the next! Each day have presentations for day, snack ideas, sign language letters of the day, and several circle times. This really allows it to be used over a couple of years with different material each year! Another thing is that it is made for 3-6, but with some deeper information it is easily adapted to 6-9 as well! In addition to the 4 guilds, I also have the teacher guild that has all the step by step presentations for each part of the guilds! I also have the art guild as well and I liked this book as well! It is arranged by material and I liked that, because it allows you to pick an art project based on what you have on hand! All in all the program is well written and I liked that it is easy to follow even if you don’t have alot of experience with Montessori! Like I said I used it in the beginning, and now I just don’t need them. I have two sets of primary albums as it is that I use! How many teaching manuals do I need? 🙂 The whole set is sold for $250. The set I am selling is very gently used and I am asking $175 + shipping. I have the four seasonal guilds, the teacher supplement, the art guild and the yoga cards (these came just printed on regular paper, and some of them are a little dog eared, but they are really great and they are assigned to different days in the guilds!). If you are interested in purchasing this from me, send me an email at hopleader{at}gmail{dot}com. If you want to see the program in work, stop by Mama of Many Blessings. She is using these guilds for some of the Montessori work she is doing with her kiddos! Happy Schooling!