Montessori Monday!

Well it has been a few days since I posted anything! So sorry about that! Here is our weekly Montessori Monday post with the best of what we have done this week! It has been lighter schooling since its summer, but we have still had a few things going on! Here is what we have been up to:

Pup washing the horse.

Matching animals to cards (farm animals of course! Pup is LOVING this)

Ok not a work, but she is TOO cute!

She did it her self and thought it was SO funny!
Working outside. I see it all the Montessori books written by Maria, so I thought I would try it!
 It was HUGE hit!

Grammar farm work.

Farm sponges

We went to a kids music concert at our Library. Pup loved it SO much! Bunny was like “I am NOT acting like those people”! 🙂 They played some song from Barney though, so Pup was in Heaven! (Yes she loves Barney the purple Dino from a million year ago! I don’t know why!)

After the concert was a Chinese Magic/ Story telling show! The girls loved that too! Bunny thought that this was much cooler! He had a marker board that he drew on as he told a story, and he made a face out of the lines. Then the magic part was that the eyes and mouth of the picture moved! Bunny was amazed and wanted to know how he did that! It was all she talked about the rest of the day! 😉

We worked on parts of a horse

and of course made a book!
What did you do this week with your kiddos? If you want to see more great Montessori work, please stop over to One Hook Wonder! Happy schooling!