Montessori Monday!

Last week we took off, but there was still a few random works done! 🙂 My kids love to be in the school room and sometimes they drag me down without me even planning on it! 🙂 I spent much of last week planning out my trays for this month (more on that in the next post). So here is what our week looked like!’

Our Attempt at the Tens Board.

She did really well, but we aren’t ready quite yet.

Pup’s first try at Red Rods

Here is how she did….Not too bad!

Bunny did her first ponytail all by herself!

She was very proud!

It was 97 degrees most of the week, so we have played in the sprinkler!

We got to watch the Naturalist feed the frogs at the Nature Center!

After the frog feeding, we took a walk….or run!

We got to attend Atrium this week! Here they are doing their Pentecost Celebration!
We also went to the Zoo with our homeschool group.

Pup begged to see the monkeys all week! 🙂

“A REAL alligator?”
Bunny starting to write! 🙂

To see more great Montessori work, please stop over to One Hook Wonder. They have links to tons of great blogs! What did you do this week?