Montessori Monday!

This week started out pretty strong, but then I needed to prepare and run our garage sale. 🙂 Bunny and Pup did some regular work, but we also did alot of bean work. We examined the parts of a bean, we started some beans and watched them sprout, and we have made part of the flower book. Here are the pics of what we have done.

Tried writing a few times! We are excited about it!

Pup reading! 🙂
Bunny did the binomial and trinomial cubes together!

She also did the trinomial cube out of the box.

Parts of a bean.

Inset cleaning.

Pouring with a funnel

Making a word book. She did “lamb”, “basket”, “map”, “rug”
Making a parts of the flower book.

Here are her pages before I put them together.

Golden Bead.

Bean sprout. We got to see how they grow and how the leaves come out!
What did you do this week with your kids?
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