Montessori Monday (a little late)

Well last week was a great week for school. We did quite a few days and we did a lot of work. Here is what we have been up to:

Sweeping practice

Exercise Basket!

Red Rods

Building a Red Rod wall (Bunny’s idea!)

Here it is finished! She did a great job!

Pup trying the red rods. Not too bad for a 2 year old! 🙂

Pink Tower

This was a Pink Tower extension where the blocks were in two part of the room and she had to get the right block to build the tower without having the others to compare it to. She did it really well!

Sandpaper Phonograms

Here are some more letters we worked on

Bunny wrote them out. She likes to write.

Pup was presented with the traditional practice of Knobless Cylinders

She did the yellow set too!

Zipper fame.

Adding complex numbers without carrying.

She can do it! 🙂
What work have you done with your kiddos lately? To check out more great Montessori work, stop on by to One Hook Wonder! Happy Schooling!