Montessori Monday (or Tuesday)!

Well it is the beginning of the week again, so I am putting up my post of the work we did this week. I think it was a little more sporadic, but I am trying to get into a better schedule. Let me know what we think.

Botany book

Pup is always on the table trying to put her own work up. I need a bulletin board lower so that she can reach (this one was put before I found Montessori)

Parts of a leaf book.

Bunny’s drawings in her botany book.
Knobless Cylinders

Bunny made “wedding” cakes

Pup was really proud of her tower!

This is mystery bag sorting. I have two different shaped blocks in it. Bunny was all excited at the beginning of the week because she realized that she could “see” with her hands. She said “Mom! what I touch with my hands shows up in my eyes even when they are closed!” So cute!

Pup pulled out a puzzle she mastered some time ago!

Sandpaper letters. We really need to work on these more, but she just doesnt fell like it!I think I need a new way to present them. Any ideas?

Pup started with Pouring in a funnel and ended with table cleaning! 🙂

Bunny figured out that one of the Pink Tower cubes fits into the binomial box, and on the of then fits into the Trinomial box!

She thought this was awesome!

Pup was playing with our Honey Bear. Basically I have q tips that she put through the small hole in the top. But she learned how to twist open and close the top! She was very proud! So I also put together a quick open and close basket.

She really liked the open and close basket.

One morning Bunny asked to dust. Then she wanted to clean windows! I was willing to hand over the cleaners! 🙂 She even taught Pup how clean! I love Practical Life! 🙂

Later that day I found Pup doing this….she was concentrating very hard, so I let her finish. Then we wiped it off. She was “painting” her names.

She did double blocks again! It is really challenging for her, but she can do it!

See hard works pays off!

Bunny wanted in on the action too!

Pup also did one of the extension. She Love this game….and she loves yellow!

I love doing these post because it allows me to see that we did do work this week. Sometimes I feel like we haven’t done much of anything since we haven’t done many presentations. I think that Bunny is holding back, but maybe she is just preparing to move ahead. She really doesn’t want to do any work alone, she wants me to be there helping her all the time. This is the hardest part about doing Montessori at home, there are no other kids that need the teachers attention, so she thinks that she needs me all the time. For example, if she is doing golden bead, she needs me to sit there while she works. She get frustrated easily alone, even thought I don’t do anything. I try to not even talk to her. She can do the work, but she wants me there. Anyone have any thoughts about this? I want her to be independent, but she really wants me to hold her hand so to speak. Oh well, it will work out! 🙂 We will just keep trying!
Well that does it for May! On to June and our farm theme! If you want to see more Montessori activities, check out One Hook Wonder! Happy Schooling!