Montessori Monday~ Remedial work for Bunny!

Well it appears that summer break is winding down. Not just here, everywhere! The private schools here start on Aug. 14! WOW! I cant believe it is already getting to be that time! Well, the girls have been rather restless and I think that they are looking for some occupation. So I thought I would get the materials together for some remedial work for Bunny. If you are wondering about what remedial work is, you can read more here. So I made the addition and subtraction charts for Bunny to work with and she was actually excited to learn about them! She has been really resistant to math and reading all summer, and yet she has a great grasp of the basic foundations for both! So what she needs is practice. So yesterday I showed her how to use the first addition finger chart for practicing addition facts. She LOVED it! She hasnt loved math for a really long time, but this was right up her alley. To me it was amazing proof of the wisdom of meeting the child where they are. In reading the theory album of the album set (which is something everyone should do) it was said that often times we the teachers tend to want to hold on to materials even though the kids are done with them. This was really what had happened here. Bunny never did the strip board work or some of the other amazing math work. We never got to it because I wanted to be sure that she had the golden bead work down. But them she turned 6 and shortly there after she started to change. Just a little bit at a time and then she really started to hate school. It left me reeling! What happened? I had worked so hard to make it fun! Well as I read all about the changes a 6 year old starts to go through as they start to switch planes of development in the theory album, it was like a light bulb went off in my head! That is what happened! She didnt hate math, she was done with the materials I had for her. She was ready to abstract it and couldnt understand why she needed to move so many pieces! So I read all about remedial work and I thought that we should start it soon! It was a perfect way to help teach the things that we missed, in a way that used their skills to abstract things! So after alot of printing, cutting, and laminating, I had some of the work charts all ready for Bunny. Since she wanted to see what I was up, I showed her right away and she went to work! I was so happy to see her having some fun while working. It has been a while since she has! Here is her hard at work!

Using the finger chart
(In case you are wondering, all of the addition charts are a part of the addition stamp game set from Montessori Print Shop! They are really great!)

Recording her answer
 (and saying it out loud for help with memorizing it)

Checking her answer using the control chart.

We also used the double letters to start writing all the words we could think of! She really loved it. I was surprised! This was part of of the remedial plan for reading! I think that this will help. The theory is that we teach them reading and writing together and then when they pick up a book they will have the confidence to read it!
While Bunny was working, Pup pulled out her puzzles to work too! She was so excited to get back to work. So I guess that means we are going to have to get some more work in soon. Although not too soon! It is still summer ! 😉

So that is what has been happening around here! We are slowly getting back into things! My plan right now is to do a bit of remedial work with Bunny a few days a week! I hope your plans for the new year are looking good too! I placed my big order for materials and I cant wait for them to get here! I will post about our official plan soon! I am linking up with Montessori Monday over at Living Montessori Now! Happy Schooling!