Montessori Monday!

Its Monday again! Time for me to post all of those random pictures I took of the girls working! I really don’t know that we did all that much this week since we have been playing outside and doing more field trip type things. But here is what we have done! 🙂

Sucker stick experiment!

Golden Bead addition. We moved into addition with exchange. She got it! 🙂

Farm Matching Game
Playing farm outside

Here she is “milking” the “cow” (swing) ! 😉

All done! Then she covered the milk with a towel.

Now she is carrying the bucket back to their house.

Up they go! They had so much fun and were super creative with their play!

Nature walk and observations on the hill!

Chopstick work.

Coloring her nails. I have to say that she is getting more precise in her coloring! Instead of coloring all over her finger, she actually colored just her nail! I am not a fan of her coloring herself, but she shows such concentration and such skill building, that I let her go. After we practice hand washing! 😉

Pouring with a funnel.

Wiping the drips!
Farm animal matching!

This Golden Bead work Bunny pulled out on her own! I was down stairs with her working with Pup, and she still did the work all by herself!

I presented the red cylinders, then went to answer Bunny’s question and this is what Pup thought she should do. I let her go even though I suppose that I should have put it away.

Here is Bunny reading some farm words! She sounded out about 5 words all by herself!

She was so proud to find that she figured it out all by herself!

Her words were “ram”, “sheep”, “goat”, “pig”, and “boy”

Here is farm trip that rounded off our farm study!!!!

So that is what we did last week! What did you do? If you want to see more kids working on Montessori work, visit One Hook Wonder! There is a ton of great stuff there! Happy schooling!