Montessori Mondays!

I have been meaning to link up to Montessori Mondays over at One Hook Wonder for a while now. This link up is weekly and it is full of great bloggers who are all doing Montessori at home with their kiddos! So here is what we have done lately! Most of this is from today, but some if from last week.

Europe Continent Box

Bunny has really been interested in Ireland lately, and I got an Irish dance dvd at the library and she has been “Irish” Dancing ever since!

Here is the DVD we watched.
Pup got out some Continent Boxes too!

Here is our Good Friday Celebration. We did the stations of the cross. After each station we blew out a candle. At the end we were in the dark, like Jesus in the tomb. Bunny really enjoyed this and I think she understood the passion.

Pup has been begging to do sandpaper letters. So I gave her a presentation on the letters “s” “a” “l” “t”

Bunny and I tried to go through the double sandpaper letters. She knew a few of them! We need to keep working on this!

Pup tired to do Pink Tower again!

Red rods are a new thing in out classroom, so Bunny has been doing all sorts of things with them lately! She made the maze.

She also lined them up by height and had me hold them for a picture. She took it herself!
Trinomial Cube is also a really popular work! She does it almost daily.

Pup got the coin box recently too, so she has been figuring out how to shut the drawer so the coins go into it when she puts them in.

Bunny copied the leaf puzzle control chart and colored it. Then she cut it out and put pieces on it!
Rug rolling was the main work today! She worked on it for probably 45 min. It was very frustrating because she couldn’t get the edges perfect. She finally did one.

Sweeping work

Of course there are our chicks!

Bunny even made a book about the life cycle of the chicken!
I hope that you enjoyed our work so far! Check out all the other people’s work too!