Montessori on the Go!

Well I dont know about you, but when I have to take the kids to the doctor we seem to sit and sit. I wish I could take some work with us to make the time more productive and fun! Being homeschooled I know just how much work you can get done while waiting! However, most Montessori work requires taking a suitcase! 😉 So a friend of mine gave me some scrabble tiles and they were sitting around (waiting for me to do a project with), and I realized that I could let Bunny use them as a moveable alphabet! It was small, and very portable! It was awesome! Bunny and I made words and we even played the command game (I made words like “hop” and “skip” and she read them and did the action)! It was a great way to pass the time and to learn at the same time! Not knowing how long it would take at the doctors, I also tossed a set of Bead Stairs in a small container. My plan was to play addition with her. So there we have it! Montessori on the go! It is a great way to occupy those moments that we are not doing anything! Here are some pictures of our work!

She did a word!




She really had fun! So did I! Just a side note though for you all of you who are thinking of tearing apart your scrabble game….be sure that your kids know both their upper case and lower case letters well! Since scrabble is all upper case you dont want to confuse them! Happy Schooling….on the go!
What do you do on the go to keeping the learning going?