Montessori Work!

Well I have noticed that I really haven’t posted much lately about our actual Montessori work. So here are a few pictures of the things that we have been working on:

Pink Tower on the floor

I was amazed that Pup could do this, but she has a hard time doing it the regular tower style.

Trying the tower

The finished result! 🙂

Bunny is playing “go get me….”

We made it a game that worked like a store. I “ordered” a number for each place value, and them we would “build” the number! Its her new favorite game.

Pup and cylinder blocks. After she finished this, she got out the red knobless cylinders and she tried to put them in. I guess I will have to show her this work since she was working so hard at it.

Sandpaper letters.

I cant keep Pup out of these number rods. I guess I had better order the red rods. I didn’t order them at first, but I guess I need them. She doesn’t get the size order yet though. Any thoughts?
So this is some of the regular work that we have been up to. What work have your kiddos done this week?