Nature Tray Swap Idea!!!!

Since spring is in the air here, I had an idea for a nature tray swap. I thought that it would be fun to see what wonderful treasures of nature are a part of your everyday life. My idea is that everyone who wants to be a part of this swap will put together a small package of things found in nature by them and then send it out to the others in the swap. This would create a nature tray that would allow for a truly global appreciation of nature. My hope is that we can all experience more things together then we could on our own. As I thought about this idea, I thought that I would include things that come from lake Eire (driftwood, muscle shells, cattail, sand, rocks, seagull feathers, etc) and I would also make up some simple 3 part cards about the fish or birds in our area to go with it. This would be sent out to everyone. If you think that this is something that you want to be a part of please leave me a comment with your information and I will organize it based on interest!!!! I hope that you want to do this with me! Its really simple, just walk in nature and save what you find! 🙂