Nature Tray Swap Ready to go!!!!!!!!

Well there has been quite a bit of interest in our nature tray swap, so we are going ahead!!! I cant wait! I think that the best way to do this is to have everyone register for the swap by April 13th. To register you will need to send me your email address and the mailing address that you would like your tray sent to, and then I will send you the number of trays you are making, and the address to send them to me!
Then start collecting a bunch of stuff to pass on to others. I think that you should have about 5-15 items per person registered.  Try not to get anything too large or living because this will make it hard to ship and expensive! 🙂 (I have a limited budget). Then package your items carefully and send them to me! I need to have everything shipped by May 13. This is a firm date!!!!!! When I receive the package, I will then sort and mail them all to you! I hope to have everything out to you by the end of May! That should give everyone enough time to really find some treasures!
Please try and include the name of an item you are including, especially if it is not something that is commonly found. If anyone is interested in making any 3 part cards or other information to go with their tray, then either print out enough to send out, or send it as a PDF and I will email it to everyone! 🙂 If anyone would like to include a few bucks for shipping that would be great, but if not no big deal. Its not required! What is requires however is to have FUN!!!!! Get your kids involved and find some amazing things!!!!!! I cant wait to hear from you!