Nature Walk on the Hill!

Today we had a very brief window of nice weather, so we took a quick trip to the park for a walk. The girls decided that they wanted to walk up the big hill. This hill is huge! It must be the highest piece of ground around here! They were so excited they were “giggly” as Bunny would say! It took a bit more to get up then I thought it would. But there were swallow tailed butterflies flying all over up there, and lots of milkweed and clover flowering! Bunny stopped to examine several things she saw! The she told me that the hill was a perfect Butterfly habitat! The wind was really strong, but the sun was wonderful! The pictures I took turned out really pretty!

Here is the hill!

Up we go!

Stopping to check out a flower!

Bunny was excited to point out the parts of the flower to me! I was so Proud!

At the top!


The View

My Bunny! 🙂

My little Pup!

Down we go!

Pup is being a bird! 😉

Bunny found a stick with some dead leaves still on it. She told me:
 “Outside you can always make a perfect broom Mom, did you know that?”
No I did not! 😉