North America Discovery!

This past month we have been working on learening a bit about North America! We have talked about the animals, the climate, the landmarks, the countries, and the food of various places all over the continent! We have made things, eaten things, and mapped things. So many things were learned and we had a lot of fun. The one thing that really opened the study up was our continent boxes. We love them, but we have never really used them. However, with a monthly continent study, we have been able to use then a base for research. Our plan  so far has been revolving around maps and lots of them! The first week we talked about the different countries and drew different landmarks on a map we colored with contries. The second week we talked about the animals fromd different contiennts and we talked about the climate of the different parts of the continent. Finally we made some food from a couple of countries in the continent. Plus our homechool group had a get together all about the continent! So I am sure that you want to see some amazing picutres! So sit back, grab a drink, and get comfy….this is going to be a long one! 🙂

DSCN6710Here are the girls maps of North American. Pup just colored it. Bunny also added some of the landmarks we were talking about so we could see where they were!



DSCN5927The girls also made their own landmarks after exploring the continent boxes. Pup made an igloo out of sugar cubes, and Bunny made the Golden Gate Bridge. It took her a few tries, but she finally got it! She did a great job!





DSCN5566Our homeschool group had a North America Day and talked about some things that have come from the United States. We learned about pop art and Andy Warhol which originated in America. We also talked about the basic history of United States and ate some very American lunch. Who knew that Brownies, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Potato chips are all food that really originated in the United States. Most everything else has its base in other countries! We also had some fun with continent twister!






DSCN5634We also learned about animals in North America. The girls drew pictures of some animals and they both painted a map with the climate zones for the continent. We talked about how weather and temperature determine where different animals live. We also went to the zoo and found lots of animals that are from our continent. Bunny looked through the continent box and found a picture of Jack rabbit. We did some research and then she made one our of pompoms!













DSCN5821Finally we made some food from Guatemala. Since we ate American food at our homeschool day, I thought we would try something really different! We made some pineapple chicken and baked bananas. Bunny made the chicken and Pup made the bananas. I all honesty the bananas weren’t great  and the chicken was ok. It was fun to try and the girls loved making!







So there you have what our North American discovery looked like! The girls and I had fun with it and we are now on to South America! Lots of fun birds, interesting foods, and Rain Forests! There is lots to explore! Stop back soon to see our fun! Happy Schooling Everyone!