Oh What a Day!

Well today was really a good reminder to me that I need to take a sick day when the girls arent up to their best work. The classroom today was full of unfinished work and lots of tears all the way around! Pup tried one things and moved right on to another with out picking anything up. Bunny started working with the bead frame but really became frustraed with some exchanges that I know she can do. After showing her how to do the problem twice, she stil couldnt get it and started crying! I told her she had to try it (not my best Montessori moment) and that didnt help. But I stuck to it and she finally finished it and I could see that she was proud. After that she did some other stuff and seemed like she was more able to concentrate. I made Pup finish her work today too. She and I worked on red rods and she didnt want to do them after I presented it. So I asked her to pick them and she refused. She told me she was too tired and shaky to do it. I told her she had to (again, not a great Montessori moment). She cried and whined, but I stuck with it. She ended up working really really hard to put the red rods in their stand. She took the time to do it right and even corrected her mistakes! She was really proud of herself. After that she also did more work and concentrated better. I really dont understand why they need to cry and carry on like that, but it seems like they are better for it sometimes. But boy does it make my day hard! I’m not sure if this is something that happens here or if it happens to other people. All I know is that it is I need to learn to handle it better.