Our Alter Set!

I have been wanting post some pictures of our alter set for a while. This is a really common work at an Atrium in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. I don’t have an alter to scale, but we are using our end table in the front living room! I keep the pieces in the drawer and they can do this work whenever they want. I love this work because it really allows the girls a chance to get familiar with the items used at mass. They can see them, learn the names, and then see them at mass (this also helps them pay attention). Here are the items we have right now:

~Alter cloth
~ Corporal
~ Patten
~ Crucifix
~ Bible
I still need to get some cruets for the water and wine. The girls really love to do this work, and it has really helped them to feel connected to what goes on at mass.
Our chalice is a wooden egg cup and my hubbie made the patten.

Our crucifix (yes I painted it)

Pup working on setting it up.

The other thing that I really want to do is make some 3 part cards of the different items of the mass at our church. That way they can see the names of the things at our church. However I did find a website that has cards for the mass items already made! If I cant find time to make the ones from our church, I will just print these!
How do you incorporate your faith into your education?